150mm High Platform Set

This 3 piece set comprises of a 150mm high curved kicker ramp. A 150mm high, 1500mm long platform box and a 150mm high flat lander ramp.

This is an extremely versatile ramp set. Perfect for nearly all skill levels, due to the many different ways it can be set up. For beginners it can simply be used to roll over. As confidence grows the set can become a long tabletop, a short tabletop, a drop off, a step up, a spine set, a gap jump set or simply just use the kicker to get some airtime.

  • The platform box is 590mm wide

  • The 2 ramps are 545mm wide

  • For a fully weatherproof option, we can make all the ramps using buffalo board, you can see some ramps with the dark brown finish. Please contact us to discuss this option" or something similar....

From £630

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